Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I tried out GlamGlow Youthmud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment

For a long time I've been hearing about GlamGlow and how amazing it's supposed to be... but it's $69 a jar at Sephora (a little less on Amazon) and I was skeptical. The great thing about Sephora though is that they give out samples if you ask nicely. So the last time I was at Sephora as I was about to check out I asked the girl helping me if I could try it out and she made me a little sample and off I went.
Then I forgot about it for about a month...

Last night my skin was feeling a little congested and not looking it's best when I remembered I had the untried sample sitting around.

It's easy enough to use. Apply a thin layer. Wait 10 minutes. Remove with water using circular motions. Marvel at your skin.

What it's supposed to do: "This mud mask leaves skin noticeably radiant and glowing. It works with the body's natural moisturizing collagen to provide gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter, and softer. While providing tighter skin texture and tighter pores, it provides a more youthful appearance and absorbs impurities without removing natural oils."

What's in it:
French Sea Clay: Absorbs impurities and toxic substances, while leaving essential natural oils and minimizing pore size.
Volcanic Pumice Rock: Multi-level surface exfoliation that you control to clear dead skin cells, smoothing out fine lines and softening skin texture.
Green Tea Leaf Pieces: GLAMGLOW® groundbreaking patent pending TEAOXI™ technology delivers fresh Super-Squalene, EGCG super antioxidants, and Polypenols directly into the mud from the real pieces of tea leaf.

So I applied a thin layer to my whole face, I noticed some bits that looked like leaves before reading about how there are actual bits of tea leaf in it. For a bit I was wondering if it was chopped up kale.

Then I proceeded to SnapChat it to my friends. Because if you don't send a Snap of your mud mask, did you even really do it? (PS add me: CrashLvsDanger)

I waited the 10 minutes and to be honest I never felt a tingle. Maybe I'm so used to chemical peels that I didn't even notice it, but typically I can feel that kind of stuff. Maybe my tingle was broken.

During the removal you're supposed to use circular motions to exfoliate and remove the mask. To be honest this was my favorite part. This was where I actually felt anything happening. I got a very slight tingle (not much, but I'll take it), but the best way to describe it is that my skin felt awake. When I had removed everything my skin felt very soft and smooth and just refreshed overall.

The Verdict: Definitely a nice little pick me up for skin, especially after a long day, but you're supposed to use this 3 times a week to see real improvement and I don't know that this did enough to get me on board. Nice for a girls night or once in a while, but I wouldn't commit. I have other masks from other companies which gave more benefit at lower price points. I have samples of a few other masks from them that I will also try out and see how they do.

Have any of you tried out the GlamGlow masks? What did you think? Were you wowed?

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