Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ModCloth Stylish Surprise finally arrived!

I was delighted to find my ModCloth box in the mail! I love the Stylish Surprise because you never know what you might get. Even though I was disappointed that I wasn't able to get a shoe, accesory, or apartment one, I did manage to get two clothing orders in and they more than made up for the others. Each clothing Stylish Surprise is $15 and the items are worth anywhere from $24-$249. With my last I received two dresses that I might not normally have picked out, but I loved when I saw them.
The first is the Spectrum of Style dress by Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique. This is a multi colored stunner, light weight and fun for summer. Originally priced at $197.99! Which if my math is right is just about 7.5% of the original price!

The other is the Give It Your Wallflower Dress by Moon Collection. A gorgeous black and yellow damask on a heavier fabric with a bit of structure, not necessarily a dress I would have picked out, but still beautiful. Originally priced at $64.99, so another really great deal.

What I love about Stylish Surprise is that no matter what you receive, it's a pretty great deal. Sometimes, like this time, you will make out exceptionally well.

If you've ordered a Stylish Surprise, show me the pieces you got, I'd love to see!

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