Wednesday, June 5, 2013

$10 off NatureBox!

Continuing with my new-found obsession with subscription boxes, I've been eyeing Nature Box for a while and you know I love a deal! So when I was able to get $10 off and free shipping to try it out, I got very excited. I've been working out and eating more healthfully lately and if this can make it easier by giving me some healthy snacks, all the better. I can't wait to get my box in! I love that they have different size options depending on your needs. I choose the deluxe box which is $19.95 and has 5 full sized packages of snacks, but they also have the Family size which has 10 full size for $29.95 and the Professional Snacker (seriously, is that an occupation I could have? I could totally be okay with that.) which comes with 20 full size packages for $49.95. They also have a limited edition Summer Travel Box for $24.95 which comes with 7 full size summer snacks.

Click here to grab a box for yourself for $10 off!

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