Friday, April 15, 2016

A Different Meal Delivery System: FreshRealm

Earlier this evening I actually remarked to my mother how it seems like sometimes I can't get to the grocery store for a month or sometimes 2, my schedule is just that crazy. Often times my boyfriend will swing by the store for one or two things on his way home. When I do get to the store I stock my pantry and freezer to max capacity because who knows when I'll have time to go again soon. For a while now I've been checking out different services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and trying to find one that fits my budget and taste. There's are 2 problems: I can be cheap when I don't know the quality of what I'm getting and I'm a notoriously picky eater. I've been trying to work on the second one lately and have been getting myself to try new things, but so far there have been few successes (I was shocked to find out that I actually kind of like brussel sprouts. Who knew?!) The problem I've had with a lot of these services is that it seems like every meal has something I don't like or won't eat or is something so simple I could make it myself. After all I've been cooking since I was tall enough (with the help of a step stool) to reach the counter and help my mom. I'm actually a decent cook, I'm just crazy busy.

So I had pretty much decided I was stuck with making the same old same old or getting delivery like we do far more often than I would like. Tonight however as I was getting the mail I noticed a page in a magazine about a new meal delivery company: FreshRealm. I did a little research and this seems like something that can really fit my lifestyle. Now like I said before I've done a lot of research into the various different companies and this is the first I've found that's actually different. The biggest differences are that it's not a subscription service, meaning you only order when you need it. I like this because sometimes I have a little time and want to prep meals myself.

It also doesn't come in a regular insulated box, but what they call a "vessel" which essentially looks like a fridge with shelves made to hold their containers inside. It's like an expert mode Tupperware Tetris for shipping, it's actually really cool. The Vessel eliminates a lot of waste and packaging and actually keeps the food fresher longer. FreshRealm also won't ship if it's under 60% full which means less waste and will actually reward you with free shipping if it's at least 90% full.

I also really like that there are a TON of options including breakfast, lunch and snacks on top of dinner, which is what most services focus on. They have a filter option that can sort by ingredients and also cook time. They have everything from Heat and Eat to options which take up to 50 minutes.

But the best part? Everything is already prepped. Sliced, chopped, diced, whatever it is, it's done. This means that even people who are clueless in the kitchen can get a meal together with relative ease. In my head this means that on the odd nights that my boyfriend is home first, he can have dinner together for when I get home. If you could see me right now you would know just how blissful that thought is.

Something else I found really unique is that on some recipes there are options to save money by saying you don't need certain ingredients. For example if you have the smaller stuff that some of us have stocked up in our kitchens, you can check a box to not include it and save per serving. You can also save 25 cents per serving if you don't need a physical recipe card and you can get the instructions and recipe right on the site instead.

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