Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Julep Maven Box

This month's theme was the California Coast and while the Dry Oil spray got me feeling the sunshine, the colors didn't scream summer to me.

I haven't had a chance to try the blotting papers yet, but with this sticky, hot weather, I'm keeping them around since I know I'll need them soon. 

I was actually pretty impressed with the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil. It has a nice light citrus scent and was fairly moisturizing. Other dry oils I've tried in the past have had a funny feel to them and left an oily residue. This one absorbed quickly and felt great right after the shower.


I tried to get pictures of the polishes with and without flash because they look so different as they reflect the light. Blakely is a definite purple green duo-chrome, it's a really pretty color, but I feel I would wear it more in the Fall. Joanna is a beautiful color somewhere between French blue and lavender and I immediately put it on. It's a cool color that would be great in Winter, but also pretty in Spring. Both gave a good coverage in 1 coat, as I've noticed most Julep polishes do. 

I've been pretty happy with what I've been receiving from them so I'm going to keep my subscription going. 
If you want to try them for yourself click here.

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