Sunday, February 23, 2014

Playing with Color featuring Lunatick Cosmetics

I made my first Lunatick Cosmetics purchase a few months ago and I have had such a fun time playing with them. Here are two looks I created with their AlieNEON glitter stacker.

 These colors just pop and are completely gorgeous. These are not subtle looks and that's part of what makes me love these colors. You just want to stop and stare! I used a white base to help the colors to stick and pop even more.

This first look I really wanted to showcase all these bright beautiful colors in a rainbow look that transitioned smoothly. The colors blend very easily and that made making this look a lot easier.

 This second look is similar to a look I've worn in the past, but updated with the colors from this stack and done a little more dramatically and with more focus on the blue color. This is something that as bold as it is, I would wear out or even to work.

If you're looking for makeup that's out of the ordinary or if you need horror and special effect makeup I highly recommend checking them out. They have very high quality and very good prices.

I'd love to see some of your looks if you've tried them out. Comment below!

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