Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drugstore Finds: Gorgeous Nail Polishes by Essie

I, like many, find myself obssesed with nail polish. I have far more than I should and I adore getting new colors and textures and I love playing with trends. I also always like to keep a few classics on hand, especially for my toes. My toes are where I tend to be a little more conservative and I think it's because quite frankly, I'm awful at painting my own toes.

I stopped by CVS today for one thing and left with way more than I needed,  including these great polishes by Essie. I'm planning to do the Mint Apple Candy for my hands with an accent nail of Set in Stones. My toes will be wearing Nothing Else Metals and yes I say toes instead of toenails because I really can be THAT bad at doing my toes.

What colors are you loving for spring?

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