Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowed In

Hope everyone in the NorthEast is doing okay. My house is one of the few in my city that still has power and I am really grateful, because in my house, no power means no heat. My family’s house unfortunately doesn’t have any power and they are heating up their food as much as they can by the fireplace and are still waiting to find out when power will be restored. During the blizzard I actually went outside to play with some friends (yes, I am 6 years old) and started getting some snowboarding lessons. Despite the cold and horrendous wind, we actually had a blast.
Now I’m tasked with digging my car out of the pile it was plowed into plus the 2+ feet of snow that came down. Once the car is free though, Greg and I are going out to play. As adults we never get snow days, so we have to take advantage of the only one we have.
In other news, I got to finally try my Oatifix mask from Lush and my face feels very soft and much less dry. My skin had definitely taken a beating from the cold wind and feels much better now. The fact that it smells like banana bread certainly doesn’t hurt.
Hope everyone is safe and that if you lost power, it gets restored soon.
Have fun in the snow!
I’m off to build an igloo.

*Edit: So I just realized that this didn't post when I wanted it to. My power ended up going off and on a few times so it didn't post. Also stay safe this weekend. In the NorthEast we are supposed to get snow again Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

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