Sunday, June 30, 2013

NatureBox Summer Travel Box

I really liked this picnic themed Summer Travel Box, EXCEPT that I also started my subscription in June and there were 4 duplicates. Kind of a bummer since that meant I had already tried half the box. I would have loved to have doubles of the lemon pucker pistachios and the lemon meringue wafers (these were awesome. Especially the pistachios since they were so different and bright in flavor.) I didn't love the guacamole bites and of course that's one of the ones that was doubled. I did really like the bbq kettle kernels though so I didn't mind that double. The salsa spiced nut mix was good, but I am a baby for spices, my boyfriend liked it though. The whole wheat raspberry figgy bars are really good and are like a yummier fig newton. I haven't tried the Taj Majal snack mix yet, but I'll probably try it this week.

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