Saturday, June 8, 2013

May KlutchBox

So I apologize, when this came in I thought it was the June Box, but apparently as late as I ordered I still got May's. (Also I'm doing the Women's Box only for now, I may get Greg the Men's in the future.) So apparently, the boxes ship out on the 15th if purchased before then and take 5-10 days and I got mine in the last days of May and got it in early June.

The first thing I noticed with this box is that they definitely give you a lot for your money. They say it's at least a $50 value for $18 and when the box first arrives it seems small and you think "Yeah right..." And then you open it. These folks do not waste space. As soon as I picked it up it felt very heavy for it's size. I received about a dozen items as well as book full of coupons for Walgreens. Some products also had a coupon attached to their package. Plus there was a card for 15% off my online Walgreens order.

What I got:

So far I've tried:
KIND Bar in Madagascar Vanilla - Good, but not my favorite. I've tried others from them and I didn't love this one. I got a lot of peanut flavor and peanuts are NUT at the top of my list. (And you wonder why I don't do standup.)
BIC Soleil Bella Razor - I've tried some of the other BIC Soleil razors and didn't see too much difference with this one. It has an extra strip of moisture from coconut milk. This is the kind of razor I would travel with, good in a pinch, but not as good as borrowing my boyfriend's.

I'll be honest, I'm very curious about many of these products, but here's why I haven't tried some of them:

Hangover Sucks - I love the name, but I never drink to get hungover, though I may do it just to test these out. If 4th of July gets too happy I'll definitely be carrying these on me. They're supposed to help relieve hangover symptoms with a blend of vitamins and herbs in a convenient lozenge. They also make lollipops.

Agro Labs Wheatgrass Boost - I really am curious about it, the benefits are supposed to be great, but I am soooo picky and, I'm going to sound like a 4 year old, but wheat grass shooters in general look yucky. I'll let you know when I muster up the courage.

Coromega Big Squeeze - I keep wanting to try this, but I keep rushing out of the house in the morning before I remember to. I'm curious to see how it tastes alone or blended into drinks. If it's tasty it will definitely be a great replacement to the enormous fish oils I take currently. (Also this big pouch contained 45 servings!)

Enjoy Life Not Nuts: I've been carrying this in my purse as a just in case snack for a few weeks. I think I keep forgetting it's there, but it will soon be gone.

Dream Water: I have been DYING to try this, but I am a baby with sleep aids. I am so sensitive that I can often oversleep. This contains melatonin and an equivalent to tryptophan, both are naturally occurring and help promote restful sleep. However, I have melatonin supplements and only take them when I have at least 10 hours I can sleep, just in case. I once slept 14 hours from taking a Tylenol PM. I will definitely be trying it the night before a day off.

Shea Terra African Black Soap in Mango - I literally keep forgetting to bring it in the shower. I need to just put it there so I'll remember once I'm in there. Smells AMAZING though!

Clean Well Wipes - There are 2 in here. One for surfaces and one for hands, I should probably just keep these in my purse for when I need them. Usually at home I don't need these kinds of things, but on the go is a different story entirely. 

100% Pure Body Cream: These are great little mini samples and I'm going to put them in my purse for those inevitable moments where I can't find any lotion.

Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30: I honestly have forgotten to try it in the morning as I'm getting ready. I'm also very careful about anything that "claims" to be a broad spectrum sunscreen, it's a rant for another day, but long story short I work in the medical beauty industry and know what a sunscreen needs to have. I have to scrutinize the label on this one and get back to you guys.

May KlutchBox

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