Friday, August 30, 2013

August Klutch Club

Hey everyone,  sorry this one's posting a little late. If you keep up with my blog you know it's been a difficult month. My dog was put to sleep and family is visiting from around the globe so things have been hectic.
Anyway, on to the box. This month's focus was healthy eating and hydration, which is great because that's been a personal focus lately.
I haven't used the free week of Prep Dish or downloaded the 7 Day Summer Skinny Plan yet, but I'm hoping to get on that this week.
My boyfriend has been snacking on the Seaweed Snacks and said he thinks they're okay, but nothing spectacular.  I personally don't like seaweed, so I'll let him have those.
The Juice Beauty moisturizer feels very lightweight and didn't leave me greasy. It has a really pleasant smell to it too which is always a nice bonus. It's good to keep skin hydrated as we head into the drier months.
There were two products I was excited about in this box and unfortunately neither was spectacular. So long as my water tastes and is clean I'm happy, but I like trying different brands. Not that I need an entire menu's worth and a sommelier for it, it just needs to taste clean. So when I saw the Penta Water in the box it intrigued me. It seemed like the fanciest, fussiest water I'd ever heard of. It tasted like most other water and no cleaner or purer than what comes from my Brita. Maybe I do need that sommelier. I was also excited about the OMG! Food Company Antioxidant Powder since I love açai and this was a huge disappointment. I had it with water, but it can be used in smoothies or on yogurt etc. It was super bitter and unpleasant which was a shame.
The Nature's Bakery blueberry fig bar was really good and not as dry as some others. It made a great snack for a busy work day and held me over for a while.
The PopChips tortilla chips were probably my favorite. It was like a healthy bag of Doritos.
The only other product in the box I haven't tried yet is the Puracyn Wound and Skin Care since I haven't had any cuts (knock on wood) to try it on.
I didn't love this month's box as much as some of the previous ones, but it was still a pretty good box and a good value.

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