Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January NatureBox

So as you may have noticed I reduced my NatureBox subscription down to once every 3 months. NatureBox is really nice and flexible and will let you take a break from your subscription if you ever need and it's hassle free. Their customer service is really superb. I decided once a month was too much for me and I couldn't get through the snacks fast enough since it's just me eating them. I think I'm going to start logging into my account to choose my snacks though since I like that they send me things I wouldn't normally get, but some months I'm getting things I just don't eat.

This month was a mix of hit and miss. Check out the photos below!

Ranch Sunflower Kernels: I've mentioned before I don't love shelled sunflower seeds. I like the shells, it's part of my sunflower seed eating experience. Weird, I know. But my boyfriend seems to like these a lot so they won't go to waste.

Seaweed Rice Pops: Where do I start with these... I don't like seaweed for it's taste or texture so I've been hesitant on trying these. I have a feeling Greg will be eating these too, but I will give them a fair chance.

Mango Almond Bites: This is where this box caught my attention! I love sweets and I love crunchy snacks so this is a good alternative for me.

Homestyle Cheddar Mix: This seems like a healthy version of Chex Mix and looks pretty good!

Fuji Apple Slices: I wholeheartedly thought I would love these. The texture is just a bit weird and chewy. It almost feels like stale, chewy cardboard texture. There has to be a way to re-purpose these, because the taste is awesome. Somehow they just don't live up to the pineapple slices from Summer.

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