Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 2014 KlutchClub Women's Box

Every month when I open my KlutchClub Box I think how much I'd like the people who pack it to reorganize my house. It amazes me how much they fit in there!

 It doesn't look like much until you start unpacking it!

This month's box featured some products seen in previous boxes. 

I'm super excited about the Good Boy Organicsaurus snacks! They came in a previous box and I love them and there are two bags this time. They are light and crunchy and great if you're a grazer like I am.They're somewhere between a Cheeto and Goldfish, so yummy, but still fairly healthy. 

I'm curious about the RealBeanz coffee since it's made with coconut water, which I cannot stomach. I don't know why, but I have a really hard time drinking coconut water. 

The Premier Protein Crisp bar was like a thin mint cookie in protein bar form. Really good, slightly crispy and great for holding me over.

The Numi Savory Teas are interesting to me. I know that many people drink broth, but I am not a fan. I don't even like most soup, I know I'm super picky. I almost wonder if I could use this to cook with instead of drinking. 

The Nektar Honey Crystals are an awesome idea. I sometimes take tea in my honey, but it is difficult if you're trying to drink tea on the go or at work and don't want to carry a honey bottle on you. These are just like sugar packets, but are real honey. Super innovative and convenient. This is something I would definitely buy for my boyfriend who almost exclusively uses honey in his tea and has taken to drinking tea more often.

DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm... oh why couldn't they have just mailed me a tub of this?! I have to admit I'm not sure it will work, but am skeptical of what one small sample can do. Now if they'd let me soak in a vat of the stuff...

Sukitz... well then... This is supposed to be a high energy lollipop that gives you the  same jolt of energy as an energy drink would. I'll have to see how this measures up to my daily coffee.

Everything else was considered extra gifts and I'm guessing are just random filler gifts in each box from whatever is left over. All of these items were in previous boxes. My variety included Almost Nuts chocolate covered roasted soy nuts as well as some herbal and mineral supplements. 

KlutchClub always has a great variety of products and a fairly high value for the cost. There are always great deals and I recommend trying out at least one and seeing what you think. Join KlutchClub


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