Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A little bit about myself

I love yummy things, especially baked goods; some call me the Cupcake Queen. A very good friend always calls me Cupcake and when I'm dolled up she says “You look gorgeous, Cupcake!” - hence the name of this blog. Cooking is my own edible therapy and I find it only brings good to everyone around you. Baking to me just smells like happiness, I mean have you ever seen anyone be angry in a bakery when the bread is coming fresh out of the oven? I didn't think so. I also love crafts. I'm not particularly great at any crafts yet, but I love trying out new ideas and techniques. It's another way I get rid of stress and I find it's a great outlet for it. I love clothes and shopping. My mother has always said that we have terrible taste, everything we like is expensive, but prices don't always love me. We're talking “Oh look at that pretty dress, it can't cost that much... it's only more than my annual salary.” I'm tenacious though, I will search high and low and I love finding unexpected deals and steals. There is nothing wrong with consignment. Keeping your eyes open you can always find something in your budget. Right now I'm in the poor college kid category. I am taking a little break from school to find the direction I want to go in, I call it my quarter life crisis. I live with my boyfriend Greg in an older than dirt, third floor apartment with what I call a grown up easy bake oven and a makeshift closet.  We moved! It isn't much, but it's home and we love to share it with our friends and family.

I work for Victoria's Secret as a sales associate (and self professed beauty queen) and also as the marketing coordinator for a medical spa and I'm also an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I'm mommy to one adorable fluffy fat cat and this blog is going to be my new baby.  

 I know there are lots of people out there like me and I hope you can find some laughs and ideas here and I'd love to hear back!

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