Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cupcake Martini Attempt #1

So remember that part where I mentioned I love cupcakes? For those who know me that's pretty much a daily basis. Anyway, once upon a birthday someone ordered me a birthday cake martini and it was scrumptious. The waitress told me that they blended vanilla ice cream and vodka and voila it was delicious. Well there was definitely some kind of witchcraft behind it that I can't seem to get right. I have found tons of recipes online for different cake martinis. Cupcake, birthday cake, pineapple upside down cake, but none of them call for ice cream. So I did what any crazy person would do. I went out and bought Pinnacle Cake Vodka, Breyer's Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream, Duncan Hines frosting, and some colorful nonpareils... oh yes my friends, it's a party. I managed to figure out how to rim a martini glass in frosting and coat it with nonpareils. I thought it would be no big deal, but I won't lie, it took about 10 minutes and I ate more frosting than I got on the glass. I thought the next part would be easy. I measured out a shot of vodka and got myself a scoop of ice cream and threw them both in the blender. This is the part where I would like to say I enjoyed a deliciously creamy martini. The ice cream just keep getting spun around the blender and the vodka just kind of mixed with the melted ice cream. They just would not come together and be friends. I tried adding a little more softened ice cream and only made a bigger mess. When enough of this frankentini had melted I managed to somewhat blend and pour the whole atrocity into my beautifully rimmed glass. I tried to drink it, the rim was delicious, but that was not a martini. It did not taste like cake or vodka or ice cream. I managed to ruin 3 different delicious things. I'm still trying to figure out how on earth to make this silly thing, but it is just not happening.

Any bartenders out there who can suggest any tips or tricks or who want to come whip me up one? Anyone?

I'll probably give this another go soon.

Have you ever royally messed up a recipe you thought was foolproof? Tell me below.

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