Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TJ Maxx will be the death of me...

Well somehow I ended up spending money again. Greg is starting a new job and since he's going from welding to a bank job, he needed a bit of a wardrobe update. He has some business clothing, but not a lot since he didn't ever need much of it. Mostly he needed some new pants and a nice work appropriate coat. We started out at Kohl's where much to our surprise there was a huge store-wide sale going on. He found two pairs of great fitting pants and they were $20 each! Next we were off to TJ Maxx, but I warned him not to let me go too crazy. Every time I go in there it's like they know I'm coming and put everything I like out, or maybe I just like everything. We found him a nice new Calvin Klein tie for $14 and a Michael Kors belt that was originally $85, was just $7! He also got a nice new peacoat by Kenneth Cole for $70. If you add in the price of his new dress shoes last week, this whole thing cost only about $150 which is very reasonable. Especially when you consider that the last suit he liked was nearly $2000 with jacket, pants, shirt, tie, shoes, and belt. Let's not even dare to imagine that I didn't get something for myself. Confessions of a shopaholic my friends. I found a cute summer dress, lightweight snake print asymmetrical and clearance! That was just $14 and I can already picture wearing it next summer.

 While we were browsing Greg mentioned that I might find a suit for myself since I have been saying I need one for umpteen years. All of a sudden he holds up a blazer and says: “What do you think of this one?” Please keep in mind that I am very near-sighted and a few racks away when I burst out with: “Is that Tory Burch???” He of course had no clue whether it was or wasn't, but he is still a freshman in the world of designers. Sure enough it was a beautiful, charcoal gray, one button Tory Burch blazer. Originally $450 and only $199. This is where it gets ugly and the inner turmoil begins. Those who are faint of heart should turn away now. I started on a desperate hunt to find the pants or skirt that went along with it for about 45 minutes to no avail. The fact that the blazer was a rare find was reinforced to me by multiple associates. You see, some TJ Maxx stores carry what they call Runway, but not usually at any of the stores in my area, and they were nearly positive no one would have a match. I started trying to justify the purchase in my head. I can afford to buy it, I just have to be really frugal the next few weeks. On the other hand, it's 200 freaking dollars! I could definitely find another blazer somewhere else, in fact I found another one on the same rack for $30, but it just didn't compare. I tried both on, certain that the stars would align and I would hate the Tory Burch blazer and accept it as fate that it was not meant to be... of course not. I don't have that kind of luck. It looked perfect. The charcoal color was beautiful on me, the waist nipped in just right and the fit was perfection. This was a dilemma. My biggest problem is that if I really like something, I can manage a way to justify it's purchase. I hate to be anticlimactic, but for now I didn't buy it. I put it on a 24 hour hold and I'm going to try some healthy separation. If by tomorrow I still really want it and can reasonably afford it, I will go get it, if not, then there will be others. Let's just say I've been trying to find the matching pants online all night though.

 Do you think designer pieces are worth the splurge? I think if it's a classic piece that you can use for life go for it, but what about seasonal pieces that are only in the now? Let me know what you think.

Update: So you know I went back and bought it, right? Yeah, everyone knew how that was going to really end.

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