Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I love a deal!

I've been doing a lot of shopping online lately which is something I shouldn't do, but it gives me time to “walk away” from something I like for a little while and go back to it if I REALLY want it. Plus there's usually a coupon and free shipping, which is way better than spending $10 to drive to the mall and then having to lug it up three flights of stairs. Well today one of my packages arrived (I've had something arrive almost every day this week) and I was happily surprised. I'm a big fan of ModCloth and I always want to snag one of their Stylish Surprise deals and I always miss it. Well not this time! In fact, I got two (and a very cute pair of flats.) Stylish Surprise is a really fantastic deal if you can ever snag it, you get a mystery clothing item in the size of your choice and it's worth up to $249.99 and it's only $15! I love clothes, but let's face it, I don't have the budget for my taste and this is a great way to get a fabulous unexpected piece for a steal. Also, ModCloth has the best names for their clothes. I got a cute dress that had caught my eye before (On the other line) and a top I wouldn't necessarily have picked. The dress has a great retro feel to it and the top is very 1970's laid back (You tan do it). I actually think my mother would like it more than I did and if that's the case, well I guess she just got another Christmas gift. So to sum it up, I got a super cute pair of ballet flats, a funky retro dress, and a boho top for just about $50 and got free shipping. Sounds like a win.

 On the other line:

You tan do it:

Earlier this week I went by Burlington Coat Factory to exchange something... which means of course I bought something else. I have to say it was an incredible deal though! I normally don't like yellow on myself, but this trench coat just called my name and begged me to take it home. It was the last one, it was my size, it was clearance AND it was Calvin Klein. Originally $160, marked down to $30 and I had an exchange for $15, I basically only ended up paying $15! I don't normally do exchanges, I usually know whether I really want something before I buy it, but it was a workout top that was in no way doing it's job and looked really unflattering and it was bought in an unfortunate hurry.

Lesson reinforced: always try before you buy.

I'd love to know, what's the best/favorite deal you ever got?

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