Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Julep Maven Box

Hey guys and happy October! To me this is officially the start of fall. September here was still fairly hot so it still felt like summer. October arrived with chilly weather and turning leaves. What else arrived? My Julep Maven Box. I've had kind of a craving for candy corn, but I only ever like a little bit and can never finish a whole bag. Oh Julep, you know me too well. I was done with their mini bag of candy corn before I even swatched the polishes, but it was perfect.

This month's beauty product was a Kajal Eye Glider in Carbon Black/Brown Shimmer with a sharpener. To be honest I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I've been really sick and my eyes have been very puffy so I haven't used any eye makeup for about a week.

When I opened the nail colors I was in love with Valerie at first sight. It's a gorgeous teal/blue/green color with a slight gold glitter it's a very duochrome shade. You can see in the pictures that it's not sure what color it wants to be and that's what makes it gorgeous. It's different depending on the light. 

At first I was disappointed in Cleopatra. My first thought was: "Really Julep? You sent me a plain black polish?" But it's not. It's a black latex polish. The finish is like leather. I'm going to be comparing it to the Nails Inc leather polish later this month.

This month's box value was $50 and it only costs $19.99/month so that's a great deal!
Use code FREEBOX to try one month free. 

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