Saturday, January 5, 2013

Get free stuff with Swagbucks

I mentioned Swagbucks briefly before. For those of you who have never heard of it or used it, Swagbucks is a free site and service. You can use it to replace your current search engine (or alongside it), play games, print coupons, do surveys and lots more, all while earning points.The points you get are called SwagBucks and they can be used to purchase things (including gift cards) in the SwagStore. One of the most popular items is the Amazon gift cards which you can get from $5-500. I used my SwagBucks to get some of my Christmas shopping done this year and none of my recipients had to know that their gifts were free.

Search & Win

Here are some of the ways to earn SwagBucks:
Coupons: You can print coupons and each one you use gives you 10 SwagBucks (plus you save money!)
Daily Deals: You can buy things through SwagBucks at an already discounted price and get SwagBucks back.
Daily Poll: Only worth 1 SwagBuck, but every bit helps!
Games: If you're already playing online games, see if the one you like (or a new one) is up on SwagBucks. Sometimes you will earn SwagBucks for regular gameplay and other times there are tournaments.
NOSO: A.k.a. the No Obligation Special Offer. It will have you click through a few screens, you can choose to take advantage of the deals shown, if not, at the end you will earn 2 SwagBucks.
Referral: See that banner that is tempting you to join SwagBucks and earn free stuff? It has a link with a referral for my account. This helps me to earn points. When I earn points from searching it also helps the person who referred me. We all help each other out. (I'd love it if you clicked and signed up! I want to use my points to get a new camera to make better vlogs!)
Search: This is one of the easiest ways to earn SwagBucks. You can install the toolbar right into your browser (which also gives you 1SwagBuck each day when you open your browser.) Search as you normally would and randomly win various amounts of SwagBucks. Fridays are MSBD - Mega SwagBucks Day and the search & win amounts are higher. There are also occasionally limited edition collector bucks, find the whole collection and collect a bonus amount.
Shop & Earn: This is a relatively new feature, but it's a great way to earn SwagBucks if you like to shop online. By shopping through SwagBucks you will earn a set number of SwagBucks per dollar spent on qualifying sites. There are often special promotions with higher amounts per dollar.
Special Offers: These vary from subscriptions to credit cards to surveys. They're always being updated and if there is a service or subscription you're looking into, check here first.
SwagBucks TV: Watch videos on just about anything and earn. They just made an app for this as well and I sometimes leave it on on my iPad while I'm doing other things.
SwagCodes: These pop up randomly in the blog or on the main page and sometimes even on Twitter and Facebook. They are worth different amounts, but all you have to do is enter it on the main page.
Tasks: It's just what it sounds like. Tasks range in difficulty and value, and can be something as easy as checking a Google listing.
Trade-Ins: Trade in your books, video games or consoles and get paid in SwagBucks for them.
Trusted Surveys: By far my favorite way to earn SwagBucks. Fill out your information profile as well as subsequent profiles to help find surveys suited for you. Filling out information earns you SwagBucks, but doing the actual surveys will earn you lots more. Sometimes they will even earn you entries into raffles for things like iPads.

They've also recently added a daily goal. It's usually between 60-120 SwagBucks. If you earn the goal during that day, you get a 10% bonus. So if it's 100, you get an extra 10. Plus there are additional bonuses: 7 Straight Days 25 SB + Daily Bonuses, 14 Straight Days 100 SB + Daily Bonuses, 21 Straight Days 200 SB + Daily Bonuses, Full month 300 SB + Daily Bonuses

There are lots of ways to spend your bucks once you have them, but my favorite is the gift cards!

Have you tried SwagBucks before?

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