Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Louboutins for $200?! Fashion Finds on the Cheap: Shop Hers

As you guys have probably noticed from my posts (or you soon will) I love shopping. I love clothes and shoes and bags and anything really, I could get excited buying oatmeal. What I really love is finding an amazing deal. Later this week I'm going to post some of my recent amazing finds, designer deals! I'm the kind of person who will mix no name with brand name. For me it's all about the quality of the piece, who cares if the shirt cost me $2? It's a great find! I can't deny though that I do drool over gorgeous designer pieces, who amongst us hasn't?

So considering my passion for fashion, imagine my delight when yesterday I came across Shop Hers. It's basically an eBay from my dreams. The setup almost reminds of Pinterest, but with the danger that I can actually buy all these lovely images on my screen. Before you start thinking that this is just a online yard sale of someone's closet rejects, just know that they only accept certain designers that they deem worthy and there's a quality check. So it's more swap party meets sample sale.
To get started you sign up and put in a your information, like selecting some of your favorite designers from a list and entering in your size. This helps when you're trying to sort through the clothes and shoes, because an icon will light up if it's labeled as your size. The best part for me is that Shop Hers gets the items from the sellers before they are listed and completely quality check them, which means two things: you're getting a top notch quality piece and you're actually going to receive it. I've known people who have tried to purchase things on eBay only to be out a few hundred dollars and get scammed.

Another favorite feature is that there is a section of under $200. This is where you will find some really amazing deals, at first glance I saw some Louboutins and a pair of Prada heels as well as Manolo Blahniks and so much more. You can also shop by type of piece (tops, dresses, shoes, etc.) or designer (the list is amazing.)

If you are looking to sell some pieces in your closet (hey you have to make room for more clothes somehow) they walk you through the process. You choose your own pricing, but they ask that you try to list what you originally paid for the item (this also helps you see the deal you are getting.) There is an 18% fee for each sold item and there is a team that can assist you with your listing at any time. 

A really interesting feature they have is called Flaunting. Even if you don't want to sell an item, you can show it off. Some people use it as an opportunity to say, make me an offer I can't refuse, others just to show off what they have.

It's a great way to get to do some high end shopping on a low end budget.

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