Monday, January 7, 2013

Product with a cause: Lush Charity Pot

I love helping causes wherever I can. If I can donate to a cause, I almost always will. Even if it's my pocket change in the Salvation Army Bucket or adding a dollar to my checkout, every little bit helps. Because of this I love when a product or company that I already love helps to support a great cause. And what's better than a great cause? A lot of great causes. Lush helps hundreds of grassroots organizations around the world with this best selling lotion. It's made with almond oil and cocoa butter and lots of other skin loving ingredients and packaged in a recycled pot, which means while it's doing your skin some good, it's also doing the world a lot of good. Each pot features one of the many organizations supported by the program and when I gift them, I try to pick one the recipient might have dear to their heart. I keep one right at my desk at work and I share it with everyone. It's super moisturizing (which we all need this time of year) and I love to tell people how it can really help others. Everything except the tax is donated. EVERYTHING.That's amazing! It comes in two sizes, 1.7 oz for $5.95 (I keep that size in my purse for on the go moisture) and 7.9 oz for $22.95. A little goes a long way, so the big one should last for a while. Also, remember that Lush will give you a free face mask when you bring in 5 empty black pots to recycle!

For more information on Charity Pot click here.
To get some visit your local Lush or buy it online.

This is the Charity Pot that lives in my purse. This particular one features the fight to end animal research at the University of British Columbia. Fun fact: Lush fights all animal testing and will not use any suppliers that use animal testing or endorse it.

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