Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guest Post: Graze Box Review

I've been seeing Graze box around lately and I was so pleased to see that my friend Mason had tried it out. A big thank you to him for writing my first guest review! He's also got a coupon code for you to try out Graze for free!

 It’s no secret that subscription boxes are nifty little parcels that will certainly turn your Mondays into ‘Fundays,’ from toiletries and bath bombs to novelties and fashion. I haven’t considered signing up for these frequent packages until recently, when I discovered an organic snack box from a little company based in New Jersey called Graze.

Graze was founded by a few friends who’d grown tired of crisps and candy who wanted a healthier way to snack; fast forward a few years and those friends had crafted over ninety delicious snacks for your consumption. With snacks that not only use the freshest of ingredients, but are portion controlled, nutritious and if needed, vegan, celiac and lactose friendly, you’re guaranteed to find something you love amongst the library of fruits, seeds and nuts, savouries and sweets.
I originally signed up after seeing an advertisement from their Facebook page that caught my interest; with so much going on in my life within the past weeks, I’d completely forgotten about it until my first graze box arrived in the mail today; the wonderful thing about the box aside from its completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable compound is that it fits right into standard mailboxes. With my graze box came a nifty little pamphlet made of recyclable paper welcoming me and giving me a little insight to my first box. On the reverse side of the pamphlet were the individual nutritional facts for the snacks I’d received specifically within the box. Each snack also comes vacuum-sealed to ensure quality and absolute freshness!
With my first box, I received ‘walnut and vanilla truffle’ which contains walnuts, fudge pieces, sultana raisins and vanilla infused pumpkin seeds. Next to this was ‘cracking black pepper cashews’ which contains black pepper cashews, roasted unsalted cashews and redskin peanuts. Third was the savoury ‘my thai’ which contains baked soy bites with a sweet chilli sauce which in comparison tastes like a milder shrimp cocktail sauce. Lastly and most deliciously of the box, in my opinion, were the ‘apple and cinnamon flapjacks’ which are rustic, rolled oat flapjacks with apples and cinnamon. Similar to oat and cereal bars, these flapjacks were moist and scrumptious and came as a trio.
After receiving your first box, you’re able and encouraged to log on to Graze.com and rate your snacks; these ratings will help improve the consistency or lack thereof (depending on your rating) of their presence in future boxes. Your ratings will range from Love to Like to Try and to Trash; a love rating will frequent the snack while the like rating will have it sent occasionally. Try is primarily for items you’ve not yet received that would be appreciated, while trash is for items you’d prefer not to receive again due to perhaps an allergy or a general dislike. No hard feelings! To start, all four items I’d received in my box earned a delightful love and I would not mind seeing these friendly faces in the future, especially those tantalising flapjacks, which to my pleasure, come in a variety of flavours.
With a subscription to Graze, members are able to determine the frequency of their graze boxes; you can be a part of the ‘tasting club’ with a new box due to arrive bi-weekly or an occasional grazer and have a box sent once a month. In between, you may rush or postpone your boxes as early as weekly to as late as months, in case you’re low on funds or have other commitments. You may also cancel and resume future deliveries at any time with no charge or penalty.
The entirety of the content of your graze boxes are not only made of recyclable material but are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable; after your box has been emptied, keep it for a wonderful craft idea, some light storage or feel free to toss the components into your appropriate recycling compartments.
In addition, grazers are given ‘friend codes’ which are able to be shared limitlessly and every time someone signs up using your friend code, they get their first and fifth boxes absolutely free and you get a credit of $1 (one dollar) per person signed up using your code. That credit can be put toward future boxes or even donated to the give-back program in Uganda. Graze’s give-back program teaches the community how to grow, maintain and harvest fruit from their own orchards. It also provides graduates a sustainable source of income, whereas they’re given the means to grow food for themselves, their families and to sell at local markets.
Now, I know you’re wondering how much a subscription to Graze will cost you. I’m pleased to inform you that it barely costs you anything! Your subscription would be $6 per box and like I said previously, they can be as frequent or as infrequent as you want and can be cancelled at any time with zero recourse or penalty!
If you’re still skeptical, then mosey on down to Graze.com and sign up using my friend code: MASONS7NB to get your first (and fifth, should you choose to continue) box for free and give it a try today. I firmly believe you will not be disappointed.
Graze is an innovative, delicious and nutritious new way to snack that’s not only perfectly portioned, but completely guilt-free as well. With a company that’s so intent on providing quality, healthy snacks at reasonable prices, in environmentally friendly packaging and gives back to the community, there’s no going wrong when becoming a grazer.

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