Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cookie Butter Swirl Brownies

I bought cookie butter a while ago and it is delicious! After eating it out of the jar on more than one occasion I wanted to try doing something different with it.

I prepared dark chocolate boxed brownie mix with just the one egg to make it extra fudgy.

I then added in a few spoonfulls of creamy cookie butter, but it was to thick to swirl the right way as you can see below.

So I placed a few tablespoons of cookie butter into a mug and microwaved for 10 seconds just to make it easier to work with. I spooned this in and then marbled the mixture.

After this is where it all went wrong. I followed the baking instructions on the box and they were perfectly done and smelled delicious...

... until I managed to somehow flip over the pan and drop most of the contents all over my oven.Some of it was salvaged and delicious, but I was still sad. Hopefully the next time it works out a little better and I'm not such a (cookie)butter fingers. They tasted great and the dark chocolate brownie mix worked well with the sweetness of the cookie butter. Try this out for a fun and easy twist on regular brownies and just follow everything but the last step!

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